About Azimuth

We work with founders and corporates to bring their digital products to reality

Our projects

Here is a collection of projects we have worked on.

The Care Affairs

The care affairs mission is to ensure that care aids are easily accessible to every Aged and disabled person in Africa, this site was built in wordpress.

Business score

Business Score provides frictionless embedded lending infrastructure for startups. This site was built in Webflow


We built Kiecom's web presense from scratch using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We also create their logo and brand guidelines.


Bluepass is a cross platform mobile app the connects over 1 million National Health Service staff in the UK with a number of amazing discounts!

Ventures and experiments

Scratching our own itch! Entrepreneurship and innovation is at the heart of what we do at Azimuth. We spend an allocated piece of time launching products which we use internally, before sharing them with with world.

Our Stack

We are craftspeople focused on delivering exceptional digital products.! We are big fans of React, React Native and React.

Get in touch

We are based in London, think we can help with your project or just fancy a brew, then drop us a line.

Azimuth LTD

Azimuth LTD is registered in the United Kingdom with company number 10336089.